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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm curious...

I'm curious.  Is anyone actually reading this, or am I talking (typing) to myself?
While I have joked that I talk to myself sometimes because I'm the only one that will listen.... It doesn't seem like that much of a joke anymore.  My thoughts and opinions are not even considered, which makes me wonder why some even bother to ask for my opinions and ideas, when they brush them off as soon as I say them, if they even heard me in the first place.
I don't claim to be "The Authority" on any topic, but there are things I know, and what I know I use to guess or form ideas from.  And yet someone I know doesn't know what they are talking about, everyone pays attention to because they say it with such authority.  And the saying "You can argue with a fool" is true more often than not.  Even if I can find proof they are incorrect, they still know better than me.  I don't mind being wrong, IF I actually am, and they can make it a learning experience for me.  But if they rub my face in it, I don't care if they are right or not, if they can't pass on the information in a useful manner, and effectively call me stupid.  Google is wonderful tool, and is usually gives more useful info than those kind of people ever would.  But it seems like people rarely take the time to listen when I try to pass it along to them.
Granted, some of what I say in my blog is me venting, but it's MY blog.  Other people vent on theirs, so I'm not doing anything different. 
So, it begs the question, is anyone reading my blog, and do they find anything of interest?  I'd like like to know.

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  1. I see... So be it then, I will keep my thoughts to myself then, in a journal or something. Apparently I'm not interesting enough to anyone. Am I surprised? I guess I shouldn't be. 2 years with this blog, almost 40 posts, and I get zero interest. Neat thing is, other people probably want me to read their blogs, and on occation, I respond with my thoughts. I guess I kind of expected a bit of the same consideration, an acknownledgement that I exist and matter to someone.