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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dishonest people

Some times you find those people that you wonder if they have any real friends.
My resent run-in with one of those came from a singles site. A "woman" contacted me with an email address for me to contact her at (not my preferred way to start things off).
They had a nice profile on the site, so I emailed them a fair length email.
I got a response a bit later, which was my first red flag.... Some how they had read my email, and responded with a similar length email in about 9 minutes. I personally take my time reading an email, and then take my time responding, it's important to me to communicate as best I can (sometimes not one of my strong points).
I read her email, seemed nice enough. I did note that she didn't use my name, and the email seemed a bit, generic. I bit puzzled by the 'all-this-in-9-minutes', I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and responded with another fair length email, mentally noting that it took me not quite an hour, and I made it a point to put an question at the end, to see if I was really talking to someone that was reading my email.
Again I receive an email from her in about 10 minutes. I read it, and read it again, I was amazed, and in a bad way. First off, she called me "Hey Baby". Uh, we don't know each other well enough for that kind of thing. And she still never used my name. She went into a speal about being able to trust each other, so on and so forth, which for a second email seemed a bit thick. The part that made me go 'what the hell?" was her questions to me, one of which would have been very clearly answered by my profile if they had read it. She asked if I was married, and had kids. My profile said single, no kids. A few of the other questions seemed like would have been covered by my emails. It was a *facepalm* moment for me. I had been found by fakes before, but this one was one of those to-good-to-be-true at this point.
Being pretty well frustrated, I responded to the questions in something of a generic matter, until I came to the dumb one. I said "Really? If you had actually read my profile, you wouldn't be asking this." The other 2 questions I answered in a similar manner.
I finished the email by saying that she had not answered my question, and pointed out that it looked like she really wasn't reading, and expressed my displeasure.
I got no further response. Being mad, and emailed one last time asking "What's that matter? No forum letter for this situation?" I ran through many of the inconsistencies, and said I didn't believe they were who they claimed to be, having done an extensive search on google and public record type searches, not finding her name in Michigan.
I have not received an email since. I reported the profile on the singles site, with a semi-detailed description of the situation. The ad is now blocked for me, like she never existed.
There use to be a gambit of "Russian woman" type profiles on these sites, that basically panned out that they wanted the guy to send "her" money so she could come see him. This last once claimed to be taking care of her mom after an injury, in Malaysia. My guess is, when her mom was "going better", she wouldn't have quite enough money to get back to Michigan, and I was suppose to be the sucker to give her money. I was born, but not yesterday.

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