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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've been thinking...

I do a fair amount of thinking at night before I go to sleep, sometimes so much so that it keeps awake longer than I like. I evaluate myself, I evaluate peoples action vs that they say. Notice I said evaluate, and not judge. I don't have any business judging anyone (and neither does anyone else). A judgment is based on facts at hand, be them true or not. An evaluation is more a measurement with commonly understood knowledge and concepts. A judgment is more permanent in it's nature. Evaluation is more flexable, and is apt to change when new information or ideas are found, and takes the bigger picture into account.
It seems like people judge me on there own ideas, and so I they don't really give me a fair chance. If I don't fix their predefined picture of how I should be, I am a lower life form than them. In that case, I evaluate them as shallow and unfair. They could change my evaluation of them, but they have already made up their mind about me. Any attempts I might make to get more information are opposed in some way. Instead they only re-enforce my evaluation of them.
But also have to evaluate myself, to see that I'm not falling into the same trap they are in.
Maybe you see why this can keep me up at night sometimes. I confuses me heck out me.

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