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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People, grrr...

This kind of goes with an earlier post I believe I did about dishonest people.
Lately people have been showing how shallow they are in an online MMO game I play, and of course the way my mind works, I draw parallels to people I know in real life that were at least semi-close to me, and now they don't actknowledge I'm alive. The way things have been playing out lately is this... A few friends and myself moved from one MMO to another partly because the first was full of bullies, scammers, and other assorted low lifes. Now it seems like more low lifes have found this new game we are in. And some keep coming into our guild seeming nice and helpful, and then back-stabbing us later.
Now I know it's only a game, I say it myself, but consider this... if they are like that in a game, what are they like in real life? If you can't count on them in a game (where the level of commitment is fairly low), it would stand to reason they are the same way in real life. If they can't show loyalty to a group of people in a game, can they do it in real life? I doubt it. Since people don't talk with me a great deal, I've learned to read actions. I'm loyal almost to a fault, and it seems that I'm one of the few. It seems like people in general are more interested in what they can get (even if it's only 1's & 0's in a computer) rather what they can share. Connecting with people is more valuable to me than any THINGS (digital or otherwise) I could get. Things are fun to play with, but they do wear out (physically or in your mind).

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