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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hopeless romantic dying here...

Not much new and interesting to report. I'm attempting to keep an ad on craigslist, it's the closest I can get to a newspaper posting, without paying for the ad. The problem with it is, crazy spam for 2-3 days after I post. I thought the free singles sites were bad, holy crap. I get every "woman" in the area wanting a sex partner, and I make it very clear on my posting it's not what I'm looking for. I guess they can't read. lol
Oh, the woman from my last blog, we sort of reconciled, though it was mostly me wanting to part ways on good terms for a change. We aren't talking anymore, though she does have my email. If she remembers or cares is another matter. I won't be wasting the time I paid for on that site again, what a joke.
'Here, I'll pay for you to neglect me, then finally get around to talking to me... oh wait, here comes the judgment.' What a joke that was. I tried, she barely pretended to.
Other than that, I can sum thing up like a friend did, and it fits. Pretty people are @sses.
Seems like everyone is looking for "Mr/Mrs Perfect". I'm trying to find "Mrs Right", and they don't seem to exist either. Well, not for me anyway. According to my Pastor, he has done more wedding this year, than in the years he's been back to Michigan combined.
Some days, that's about like rubbing salt on the wound. I am reminded of the song 'Someone Elses Star". I keep wishing, and someone elses keeps getting what I'm wishing for.
I some times consider what a date would be like. Nice meal at a small restaurant, go for a walk at one of my favorite parks, get to know each other...... Then I come back to reality, and reality sucks, because it's still just me.
Here is a good one. I was walking at one of my favorite trails, and this older couple comes from the other way. Course we say hello in passing and the fella asked "Where is your partner?" 'I wish I had one.' was more or less my first thought. I faked a smile responded "It's just me." There is something wrong when and older couple even thinks I should be with someone. As things stand, I don't know how to get there from here. It takes 2, and it seems to be just me trying.

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