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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, I thought I found a nice woman on this christian singles site. The profile sounded good, she had a few nice pictures that looked real. Long story short, it took her a week to get around to looking at my profile, then proceeded to beat me over the head with it, getting all judgement on me. The kicker is, in her own profile, she didn't want people to judge her, but her judging someone she barely knew was ok. I sent her a message pointing out what she said, and asking "Aren't you kind of holding a double standard here?" She claimed to be open minded too... Yeah, open minded, so long as ....
How do I keep finding these people? Is there an emotional kick-me sign on me or something? Why is finding someone to hard? I mean, I know it has to start as a friendship, that's fine, so long as we are both making an effort. But when I keep putting myself out on a limb, and they keep cutting it out from under me? What the He!!? Really?
I had one friend comment 'Are they pms'ing or something?' We chuckle, but it makes me wonder. How can I really have this much bad luck? This was a "Christian" woman, they should be better than this... key word, Should.

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