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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Odds Are...

Seems like one of these days I'll find a real woman. With all the towns, lakes, and other populated areas around me, it seems like I could find someone. Of course, that is all assuming they use a computer and check singles sites... or maybe visit my church and happen to notice me. Some how I've got a feeling my odds would be better winning the lotto. How do I find someone that isn't where I am? Bars? Clubs? I don't drink, and those are all superficial, and I've already got the superficial issues with women online. What are my options? I don't know what else I'm suppose to do. I considered checking if I could put an ad in a local newspaper classified, but that would assume the right woman would read it. I don't think my odds are very good there, chances are I'd get spammed, harassed, or stalked.
The only thing I can see is God bringing the right woman across my path.... It has sort of happened before, just wasn't the right woman (crazy mental backstabbing b....)
*sigh* I've got my presence scattered online. I'm active in my church. I've done what I can, I'm pretty much just trying to filter out the spam and other undesireables. I drop a message to someone now and then that catches my interest, but nothing seems to come of them, I just get ignored.
As a quote I read once went... "Be who you are, mean what you say. Those that mind don't matter. And those that matter, don't mind."

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