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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Year

Well, basically another year is about gone. I've been thinking I might have 1 possible woman I could talk to. A few little problems.
First, She barely talks to me. It's not like she is anti-social, I'm just not one of those people she socializes with. The extent of our communication is usually if she was a cd of the pastor's teaching, and maybe a computer question. Pretty much like everyone else.
Second, that being the case, I don't know if she would be even open to the idea of being friends, or better, much less who/what she is looking for.
Third, she sort of inherited a baby from her sister. I have nothing against kids really, other than the times they annoy me, seemingly on purpose. It does present a certain, awkwardness for me.
Anyway, knowing a bit about the situation, this tells me she is at least a caring person, and has ethics. If that goes beyond "relatives", I'm not sure. The most we have talked was related to me getting a used computer fixed up for her, and when she might be able to pay for it. It's possible she is like every other woman I've come across lately, judgmental & close-minded when it comes to such things.
Yes, I can hear it, the "Just talk to her" speech. I don't see it as that simple. They way things are today, women can scream "sexist pig" if you look at them funny. Ironically, those are usually the ones that have there shirt open to their navel, and guys aren't suppose to look. I might seek a glace, yes, but I'm also interested in what makes them tick. You could say, I'm looking for beauty inside and out. For some reason, nice looking women are (more often than not), b!tches. Whatever the reason... Man haters, standards are too high, or just plain too low (only want "to have fun"). A nice looking woman around my age, with a functional brain, that isn't already with some guy I wouldn't trust as fair as I could throw him, seems to be impossible to find.
It is really too bad, I'd like to think I have something real to offer. But I'm too short, not wealthy, don't have a nice car, blah blah blah.
I still have a certain quote rolling around my head that seems to ring true... "Be who you are, say what you mean... Because those the mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind." - Dr Seuss, I think. A pretty cool quote if you think about it.

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