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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trying to shift gears

I will admit, my posts are usually not to, happy. Really I'm usually good natured and down to earth. It's just, the few friends I have are not really up to listening to what I'm thinking, and trying to understand where I am coming from. When I've tried, I get some off the wall response that either they thought it was joke, or they didn't understand what I just tried to say. I'm not a "people" person, I'm just not wired that way. So to my logical thinking, if someone can't really LISTEN, and comprehend what I'm saying, then I just wasted my time & energy on something I'm not good at to begin with. So I limit my interaction to such things as the weather, computer talk, etc, and keep to myself about matters of the heart until I find someone that is genuinely interested. The problem is, I still need some way to blow off some steam, and practice trying to explain myself. Yes, I'm a quiet, thoughtful person... but as I once joked with someone, quiet people can snap too. Everyone is different, and we deal with things differently, some times out of necessity. Me, I often feel like I don't get the credit I deserve, and that I'm not appreciated beyond that I can do (my gifts, things I'm good at). Add getting treated like a disease by a woman I might be interested in (repeatedly), spam and fake women, and yeah, my mood does down the drain, along my self-confidence. So yeah, it's hard to pretend everything is great. Just being alive isn't necessarily enough. I'd like to have a reason to live life, and someone to share it with... Just like most everyone else.
So, that is my attempt to explain where I am coming from. If you can't understand it, then, you probably don't belong here. Go find a blog with something that entertains you. I don't entertain strangers much. Try to get to know me, and I might entertain you while I entertain myself. :)

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