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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

If it will be a happy new year remains to be seen. I can "wish in one hand, sh!t in the other, and which one fills up first?" Yes, it's kind of a disgusting thought, but it also has a point. I doesn't seem to matter what I wish for, dream about, or would like to see happen. Someone else always seems to get what I want. I'd like to be an optimist, but after getting teased repeatedly with what I wish for, and just getting slapped in the face by some degenerate jack@ss trying to scam me, optimism is one of the first casualties (along with my heart). It gets replaced with realisum, and the temporary wish to beat the crap out of the jerk if I could get my hands one them. I normally don't wish any harm to anyone, but adding insult to my injury for there own means, while I'm being honest and good intentioned... pushing them into an on coming bus sounds like doing the world a favor, and eliminating that stagnant part of the gene pool.
*sigh* Since I can't (and probably wouldn't) doing anything about it, I try to talk some small satisfaction that maybe God will give them what they having coming. Maybe even reward me at some point for putting up with all this BS, and trying to stay true to who I am.
Come on, where is my reward?
I guess I still have some optimism left, it's just very strained.

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