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Friday, April 20, 2012

F#$@ stupid people!

Yes, I know I said I was going to try to change things, but that is hard when nothing else changes.
I haven't quite given up on singles sites (I got off one that 99% spam, and I told them so in the 'reason for leaving' field).  I hate really hate having to check out people that show interest, seems like most of the time they use someone else's pictures, and I find this out using google's image search.  Last one I got hit with actually looked pretty nice, a bit far away, but definitely cute, and profile sounded desent, had a fare number of pictures. Turned out to be pictures from a couples blog. At least they didn't use some tame picture of a pornstar or playmate or something, but still, really? Like someone posted on a scam site, "Why do people have to mess with something like love." It's pi$$es me off when people pretend to be someone else, and I'm being real and honest. What do they think is going to happen as people become more aware of these low-lives existence? I report then when I can, tho some sites just don't seem to care about them. But for every one I report, it seems like there are many more to take their place. I sometimes think they make another profile and try to hit me again. Their grammar (or lack of), and the fact they can't seem to respond to what I'm saying, or what my profile says, gives them away. I've had a couple times that I call them out on it, and they just keep sending form letters, or they get insulting, acting like they are still real (when they couldn't answer a couple simple questions that I asked them because something was suspicious).
I feel like I get dumber for trying to give them the benefit of a doubt, and they can't give me intelligent responses, they just keep spamming me with email addresses, saying they can talk better there. Excuse me, the point of a singles site is allowing some anonymity while you are looking, to protect yourself from such people. Why do you think sites tell you not to put contact info in your profile. So lets send an email address first thing, we haven't even talked to find out if we could be a match yet, besides completely ignoring my profile. Freaking stupid. I'm getting too old for this crap for it to work on me, besides being sick of getting lied to and ignored. Really makes me feel like dirt sometimes.  And when I find someone that could be real, the deal breaker is always "I'm looking for someone taller. Good luck..."  I could match everything else they Say they are looking for, but shoot me on something superficial that I can't do anything about.  I wasn't concerned with my height, until it seemed to matter to everyone else, and suddenly made me less human.

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