Listen to 3 Doors Down, "Pages", and maybe you can figure out why I quit. A person bothers to put themselves out there, and no one bothers to care what they have to say, what do you expect.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I wonder sometimes...

Why do I post a blog? People generally don't care what I think (even if they ask, they have already made up their minds). People have generally shown that they think I am like a second rate human being to them. If they made a blog, I would be expected to read it, and take what they think would be like bible, not an opinion. Opinions and Ideas are fine, we all have them... but trying to force them on someone else isn't right. That is the beauty of a blog, a person can share there thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc., and people can respond. To bad I see some people turn blogs and forums into places to have flame-wars. I don't understand why people have to be like that, I generally have to work too hard to be that mean, and I'd end up hating myself for it. It offends me when someone has to flame me because they think I am wrong. Fine, maybe I am, but being a jerk about it doesn't help either one of us now does it? I'm not opposed to being corrected, so long as I'm not being attacked personally in the process. They don't like it, what makes them think I do?
Oh, I forgot, I'm a second rate human being. I'm not even worth checking on, much less responding to. Silly me.

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