Listen to 3 Doors Down, "Pages", and maybe you can figure out why I quit. A person bothers to put themselves out there, and no one bothers to care what they have to say, what do you expect.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I finally had one of those occasions that a woman contacted me on a singles site I'm on. She wanted to talk, gave me her email. I'm always skeptical of that kind of thing, but ok. I email her, attempt to come up with something to say, and asked her a question. That was at least 2 weeks ago if not 3 (I lost track), not a peep. Same old sh!t, another day. And another one of my younger friends is engaged, and I can't even get a woman to talk to me that said she wanted to talk. What kind of crap is this!? And in just over a month, I have another birthday... another year of being alone.
Yeah, one of those rough nights. And I'm typing on something that no one reads, hoping someone would care. Best I get is something like, "Aw that sucks. I'll be praying for ya." In other words, here's a hankie in lieu of a parashoot. Thanks.

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