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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mean People

I really don't get people some times. How can someone be rude to others as almost a profession?
For example, this once person is rude and insults people, then says they are joking and not to get upset. But then if they get the same thing back, they get bent out of shape. And then they decide not to talk to certain people because they are rude... 'What, can't take what you dish out? Then maybe you should change.' It's funny, if you say something like that, the rude person looks at you like you are insane, and then calls you an idiot or something.
And then there are others that are just plain mean to everyone. I'm sorry, but I'd have to work too hard to be like that. If someone actually makes me mad, I don't even have to be a jerk to get the idea across. Don't they realize they shoot themselves in the foot when they are mean to everyone?

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