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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Faults alarm? Beats me...

Well, she has fallen off the face of the planet after send me a set of questions, which I answer as best I can, then say 'hey, these are pretty good, do me favor and answer these yourself, and here is a few more'. The paranoid part of me finds it an interesting coincidence. My more sensible side says maybe something happened and she is unable to get back. Problem is, I think it would have to be pretty serious, most likely with her mom. Would have been nice to get a 'hey, something came up, I promise I'll get back to you when I can'.
I took some new pictures of me, figured I'd send when she answered the questions, but I'm not even sure we are still on talking terms or not. I sent her a email a day or 2 ago, just asking if everything was ok. I even happen to find her on facebook, and sent a friend request. 5 days of silence. I'd been exploring my feelings, trying to get a better grasp of what I wanted in a relationship, what I could offer, and where I'd maybe need some help (be it from her or someone like my pastor). This is kind of a learning experience for me, I'm effectively starting from scratch on the whole relationship/dating deal, and trying to keep my bad experiences out of the way. Now I kind of feel like I'm on indefinite hold. I don't like being in the dark on what is going on.

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