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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ok, I'm frustrated

Turns out the woman I thought was real was still a scammer. Used tamer pics of a porn star, and spouts a sob story. I thought since I'd already said I concerned about them being a scammer and they weren't going to get any money out of me, that they would have moved on. Why the kept the game doing is beyond me. Finally getting to talk to them on yahoo messenger, they conveniently lost my most important email, and almost got indignant about it. After talking about their mom, I asked how She was doing, and she says "Great." Talk about a blaring alarm. No one is "great" while dealing in cancer, especially family. That was the last straw, I did some searching, finally stumbling across a interesting scam site relating to meeting ppl online. After some noising around that site, I found a post that had one of the pics she, IT, gave me, and copies of emails very similar to the one I initially received. At first I was amused, then I wanted to hurt this jerk that made me spend money on the single site to read IT's messages, and made me make a yahoo account again, and continued to lie to me non-stop. Made me feel like an idiot. I knew something wasn't right from the start, but I gave IT the benefit of a doubt. No more. If I have to do background checks on women from now on, so be it. Week and a half of my life wasted on this @sshole. I made sure to report abuse on the yahoo account and facebook account I found. My bad day is their bad day. You don't mess with quiet guys, we snap. :) lol

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