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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trying again

After the scammer fiasco, and a few days of anger & frustration, I have started again. I have found a hand full of 100% free singles sites, and posted new profiles, refreshed old ones, etc.
I get what I pay for, but at least a couple of them are making efforts to stay on top of spammers/scammers. I'm also armed with my recent experience, and anti-spammer resources, I am taking no prisoners (so to speak). I've ruled out a number of spammers and attempted to report them, which one site tonight appears to have gotten on the ball, canceling a number of accounts that messaged me, so I went ahead a marked some more that messaged me with there emails addys, and made it obvious they didn't read my profile (even tho they said they did). I've also attempted to get a few women's attention, but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm hoping something comes of them one of them at least. I don't want to hit my 35 birthday alone again. It's a goal, just not sure if it's one that I'll accomplish.

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