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Monday, April 5, 2010

Favorite games

Ah, fond memories.
Probably my first computer game was pacman on a Tandy CoCo, back when programs were loaded off tapes. Then came our first PC and on.
Biomenace was probably my first favorite, then Hocus Pocus ( both 2D scrollers). Oh, can't forget Raptor. The Duke Nukem 2D scrollers were good too.
Then came 3D. Wolfenstein was the first, followed by Doom. I played a lot of Rise of the Triad too, even made a map. Quake and Quake 2 really got 3D shooters going. Played a lot of Quake2: UrbanTerror mod until everyone got some form of broadband, then I couldn't keep up. Seemed like I was the only one on dialup. I tried to get back into it later, but cheaters and people that played 12 hours a day pretty much drove me out.
Played a lot of Unreal Tournament, even got to play a couple of lan games. UT series against the computer were pretty much my gaming experience for a while. Trying to play UT online was a lost cause, my FPS skills (or lack there of) kept me out of that.
Then I found MMO's/RPG's. My first was Dofus (do-fu), turn based game, much more my speed. Had some good times there. A few guilds later, and it seemed like I became the out-sider even though I was in an active guild. Someone told me about Perfect World International. After playing it for a while, I knew I found my new home. I said my goodbyes in Dofus, and moved.
I still poke my head into Dofus now and again, but it doesn't hold a candle to PWI. It's main thing I play in my spare time, save a couple of games on facebook.

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