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Monday, April 5, 2010

New blog :)

I have resisted making a blog for a long time, with the reasoning 'who's going to read it'. Seems like when ever I post my thoughts or ideas, I get poopoo'd by someone who thinks it's stupid, or ignored altogether. I've most recently got poopoo'd by someone on the forums of the faction that I'm in on a MMO game. It was my topic, but they didn't like how long my posts were, saying it looked like a journal. Eventually I had the topic locked and cut back on my partisipation on the forums. After my initial inferiation at basely being called unimportant and stupid, I decided it was their loss.
I started considering other options. Facebook didn't really have a blog feature, and I wasn't sure I wanted my thoughts on facebook anyway. I also considered the fact that someone wanting to know more about me, would have to look for the information. I could make my own webpage (I've done it before), but putting time and effort into something few would read was too much.
The it hit me... Blogs/journals sites. So here it is. :)

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