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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't get it...

You know, I'm a decent guy. I'm level headed, good natured, and make no claims what so ever to being perfect. I'm also 32 and single, with no prospects. My last attempt several years ago left me scratching my head. She was nice, intelligent, not bad looking. The talks we had (when she would talk TO me), it seemed like we were looking for similar things, with similar ideas.
What got me, was why it was so hard to get her to talk to me, much less get together. She never seemed to have time for me. Emails would get 'forgoten', phone calls felt like I was interrupting, and was never on IM when she was. I would hear about thing she did with someone else that she said she would do with me. She had a guy friend that she hung out with because she 'knew him since they were little', but she admitted she would never marry him. He ended up back stabbing her (identity theft). And yet, a sane guy like me that honestly wanted to try a relationship, she never gave me an honest chance. She didn't want me mad or disappointed with her, but I wasn't worth her time. I was beyond patient, but after a few years, I gave up. I don't get it.
Women go for the guys that have looks, but are the bad-boy type, shallow... and won't have anything to do with the guys want a real relationship. It baffles me.
Yes, yes, it could be this or it could be that... you think I haven't turned it over and looked at it from every angle? I've had sleepless nights, my restless mind running over what if's, could be's.
In the end I'm left with only theories and more questions that I can't answer.
The conclusion I came to was, most women would rather use me, lie to me, to get there kicks. I don't like that conclusion, but my experiences, such as they are, don't leave me much.
I would love to find the exception, especially since I'm not getting any younger... but I don't know.

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