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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wants vs needs

Some times it amuses me what people want vs what they "need". Often it seems like that they "Need" is something rather petty and/or disposable. They think they need some thing to feel fulfilled some how, and to wave in other people's faces. They will pend ridiculous amounts of time and money on it, when that time or money should be put to something more important, something they really need.
Don't get me wrong, I like to indulge myself from time to time too. They way I look at things is, if I actually have a use for something, then fine. But, does doing or getting it hurt me in some way? Will and still "need" whatever it is a week from now? A month? Am I really doing it for me, or am I doing it for someone else.
Paying bills, or doing something more important, or reaching some goal.
A good example of that. I have some money saved up. I could indulge myself, but, I really need a new(er) car in the near future. My car is succumbing to rust, and won't last forever. I have a real need and a goal in mind.
Many people are more like, "I need that latest gadget, it would be so cool." Yeah, for about a week. Maybe. Hey, I like my toys too, but there is always some better around the corner that everyone will just have to have. Maybe I get a deal yesterdays gadget while everyones drooling on todays or tomorrow gadget. Sure, I want it too, but if I can get a deal on something no one wants, and it does what I Need...
It's like this older laptop I'm typing on. Sure, I'd like a nicer one, but honestly it does what I need. Plus, linux breathed new life into this old laptop, poor thing was strangled with windows. :)
See, there is a difference. It's called moderation, and using a little common sense, two things people seems to have a lot of trouble with.

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