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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I like animals.

I do. I have to say I like them more than people. They are honest. They like you or they don't. They are afraid or they are not. They don't have any reason to hate anyone, unless they are flat out abused. I've even seem some that seem turn out to be a better judge of character than me.
I suppose there are some people that think animals are stupid. Some yes. But I have seen dogs that I consider to be smarter than their owners. I've seen some dogs that I swear they understand what people are saying... what they do is just to odd to be random. It's like they understand, at least to some extent, what is going on.
I also don't think people give birds enough credit. My parents and I used to raise homing pigeons, and there were a couple that were always right there when we entered the loft. They were curious. They would often land on our shoulders or our heads while we were cleaning. It was hard to tell if they were minding our business or messing with us. We hand feed them for a minute (they loved safflower seed, it was like candy to them), and go about our business, and they would ride along on our shoulders. Some times they would pick at our hats if they thought we weren't paying attention. Some times they would even fight with us, coo at us and carry on.
They had their own personalities.

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