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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perfect World (game)

I've been kind of under the weather for almost the last week, last night was the first half way decent nights sleep I've had. I should be able to start playing again more regular. In a way I needed a bit of a break anyway. I was just doing my daily quest when I could stand it.
I started the same as a wizard, which all things considered was a good character to start out. It's major short coming in later level is the spell casting speed. There are some good spells, if you have time to cast them. Wizard's 59 skills are sad... if you live long enough, the damage is pretty good.
With the addition of the new race, the Tideborn, I made a Psychic. It is still a magic character, but the spells are better rounded, and cast in about half the time. Many spells have dual effect, damage and a status change. Being able slow down or knock back along with damage has made a big difference. A Psychic can more easily monster of matching or slightly higher level. Trying to do that with the wizard was dangerous at best. It was usually better to fight monsters maybe 5 levels less. Sometimes my Psychic can handle 5 levels above my level.
I stopped leveling my wizard at 69. Psychic is 3 levels away.
I also have an archer that is only lvl 45 so far. I thought it would be good to have a magic character, and a physical damage character as an option, but most of my effort has been put into my Psychic lately.
Anyway, it's a fun game (it has it's days, like anything else). I think I needed the unintended break.

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